Data61 / Optimization of Port Logistics

September 26th, 2017

Port Logistics Optimization Seminar

Case studies and Australian experience

26th of May 2017

This Seminar presents the experience and case studies of CSIRO in this area, lead by Dr. Rodolfo García Flores.

The development of research in port logistics is centered mainly around CSIRO’s new division called Data61. This is a new research unit in CSIRO is dedicated to the scientific development focused on information technology, mathematics and statistics. This will lead towards a future where better decisiones are taken based on data and evidence and in areas that generate value for Australia and its partners.

There is no doubt that important changes are happening in operational logistics in general, and in port logistics in particular. These include automation, virtual logistics equipment, more competitiveness in “the last mile”, greater flows and industry consolidation.

This changes will happen mainly due to the development of new technologies and opportunities that exist to resolve current problems in ports, such as the lack of standards, poor implementation of electronic payments, automated planning, a slow recovery of real situations of unforeseen problems, lack of integration, incomplete documentation and the challenges regarding cyber-security.

The integrated systems of optimization (situational awareness), such as PCS, can resolve these problems through the integration of a network of sensors, the Internet of Things and optimization. Other technologies will be integrated in a more natural way to these systems (e.g., Big Data), technology in which CSIRO, through Data61, is at the forefront.


Difference in volume before and after the project called Tactical Planning of Iron Exports, where the objective was to calculate the blueprints of the trains that transport the iron mineral towards the ports, considering capacity restrictions.
The system designed by CSIRO reduced calculation times to 20 minutes, and increased profit in 5%, which allowed the company to test hypothetical scenarios and to evaluate expansion plans. 


Dr. Rodolfo García-Flores – CSIRO Chile

With studies in Engineering in Mexico and a PhD from the United Kingdom, Rodolfo has over 15 years of experience in operational research, mathematical programming, logistics, mining data and simulations. He has participated in different projects related to the optimization of processes and supply chains in different industries. He has also participated in projects that have focused in port logistics, such as the development of an optimization tool for the planning in the medium term of Rio Tinto Iron Ore and the development of an Optimization Model for HVCCC.





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