Digital solutions

For an increasing number of usage scenarios, data analytics and machine learning prove their worth in handling real-world tasks with little human involvement.

The demand for construction of this type of systems is increasing rapidly, but the actual construction of such a system requires a lot of effort. Not only is this because these systems are often data and computation intensive, which is challenging for decision making in a timely manner, but also because there are always unexpected situations in real world applications and in evaluating data results or machine learning models obtained from known data in new situations, as well as in various policy frameworks. Our research aims to satisfy these demands by studying solutions applied to the needs of the industry.

One such example is data integration: we developed a fast and accurate data duplicate detection system based on Spark, a causality-based data integration system for drug side effect discovery, and leveraged data similarity for storage compression / duplication to accommodate fast-growing “like” data efficiently.

Earth data analysis

Earth Analytics Science and Innovation Platform (EASI)

EASI is a new high-performance data analysis platform that powers the ability to process and integrate large amounts of Earth Observation (EO) data with other geospatial information and models.


Through EASI, CSIRO has these objectives:

  • Help business growth in EO applications through innovation and partnerships
  • Equip and train government, industry and research in the use of EO data and analytics
  • Provide digital services of CSIRO science to local, regional and global end users.
  • New sensors, space-time scales, science and algorithms

The challenge of collecting and assimilating geospatial and non-geospatial information requires the invention, adaptation and use of new sensor technologies and methods for data integration and analysis. New methods must be able to use both old and new types of observation to provide sensor-independent continuity.


The EASI Industry Hub model is designed to achieve significantly better business engagement, including SMEs, using the intellectual property generated by CSIRO, accelerating technology readiness and transference.

The key to this approach is the use of a science-as-a-service platform that easily supports scalable access with low initial costs. The center helps industry engagement and impact by addressing key innovation challenges. Benefits include:

  • Data discovery and integration are simplified through the right shared data foundation – data ready for analysis, in an EO data cube.
  • The customizable analysis workflow supports various SME models, ie. choose your data, your algorithm, your parameterization.
  • Scalable ‘Paddock to Planet’ data analytics and scenario outputs – through cloud computing and automation, you can explore the entire innovation landscape, down to the limits of your time and expense budget.
  • Access to CSIRO EO specialists and researchers who can help SMEs and governments develop new commercial products and ensure their quality.
  • SMEs can participate at a lower initial cost, subscribing to access and pay-as-you-go computing, to test new market opportunities.
  • Eliminate the costs of large-scale storage and computing infrastructure, data acquisition, and small business “pain points”.
  • CSIRO and QA / QC prepared data and computing infrastructure exists in a combined cloud environment that companies can afford to access during their startup phase when exploring new business models.