Nigel Warren, Executive Director of Growth, PRESIDENT
Nigel directs programs and teams of CSIRO Business Development & Commercialisation, GLOBAL; Science Impact & Policy (CSIRO Innovation Fund) and ON Innovation. He is a member of the CSIRO Executive Commitee. From 2009 to 2015, he was Consul General of Aust5arlia and High COmmissioner for Trade based in San Francisco, California; he was also Australia’s Chielf Trade Commissioner for Latin America, based in Santiago, Chile. He directed the Trade, Investment and Consulate General of Austraila network in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina.


Peter Mayfield, Executive Director of Environment, Energy and Resources
Peter has worked in research and development for more than 25 years in both industry and government sectors, including extensive experience in managing research in all areas of the environment, energy and resources. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland, where he also completed his PhD studies in Gas Separation with Adsorption Technology.


Claudia Bobadilla, CSIRO Chile Board Member
Lawyer graduated from Diego Portales University, Chile. His professional career has been linked to technology and scientific innovation projects, social entrepreneurship and business management. Its main strength is the global understanding of the phenomena and trends of the advancement of science and technology; commercial and social development and the construction of collaborative networks, both national and international.


Rosario Navarro, CSIRO Chile Board Member
Rosario has worked in various initiatives in private companies, including being a member of the SONDA board of directors, director of Communications at the Andrés Bello University and advisor to the Lipigas board, and SOFOFA Elective Counselor. She is currently also a senior business partner of IDEMAX Chile. She is member of the board of CSIRO Chile.


Tom Munyard, CSIRO Finance Director
Tom is responsible for ensuring the ongoing financial sustainability of CSIRO. Prior to joining CSIRO, Tom was a Senior Executive in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, leading teams responsible for delivering all budget, financial accounting, and financial policy matters to the Department. In addition, he is a qualified member of CPA Australia and has a trade degree in accounting from the University of Canberra.


Nick Pagett, Director of Global at CSIRO
Nick has worked at CSIRO for 4 years in Business Development and Marketing before taking on the role of Director of Global. Prior to joining CSIRO, Nick had an extensive High Turnover Products Career with global ties in the Americas, Asia and Europe. He was also a successful entrepreneur in the food and tech industry.


Executive Team

Dr Orlando Jiménez, Executive Director, CSIRO Chile

Senior Executive with over 25 years of professional experience, Dr Jiménez is an innovation and strategy expert with substantial experience in the private and public sector in planning, negotiating, and implementing large-scale, multi-stakeholder initiatives. He is a Senior Research Associate and a PhD graduate from the University of Oxford.


Dr Edmundo Claro, Research Leader, CSIRO Chile

Expert in Economics and Environmental and Natural Resource Management, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of sustainability of projects, companies and policies. During this period he has worked in areas such as climate change, water resources management, carbon footprint, green finance, waste management, emissions compensation, green growth and sustainable development on various fronts: public sector, private sector, academic sector and NGOs. He has been a professor at various universities. PhD graduate from the University of Cambridge, UK.


Jonathan Hodge, Research Leader, CSIRO Chile
He joined CSIRO in 2011 after serving more than a decade in the Queensland State Government in Australia. He arrived in Chile motivated by research on a national scale in the area of ​​oceans and atmosphere. His experience includes developing the implementation and operation of environmental data and information systems in government research sectors in Australia and around the world.