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November 21st, 2017

Citizen Science and Agroclimatic Risk Management Seminar

14th of March, Inacap

In collaboration with the British Council and the Ministry of Agriculture, a seminar was presented regarding the need to incorporate citizen science as part of risk management in agroclimates, including the people affected in the follow-up and the decisions to confront hostile climatic events.

The speakers were Dr. Tim Malthus, Research Leader in CSIRO, Mr. Felipe Pérez, Chief of the Meteorology and Snow Subdivision of Hydrology Division of the DGA (General Water Directorate) and Alejandra Gallegos, from the Chilean Network of Citizen Science of CEAZA.


Additionally, there was a moderated panel lead by Mr. Antonio Yaksic, Chief of the Sub-department of Information, Monitoring and Prevention, that is part of the Department of Integral Risk Management of the Ministry of Agriculture.

What is Citizen Science?

To be able to take a photo of water in a river with your cellphone can mean more than just a few like in your Instagram account. Currently, your photo can be transformed into a work tool for water researchers, because by comparing photos from different users throughout time, you can obtain relevant information to infer the development, for example, of a kind of algae in the water.

This is the type of uses that your can obtain from what is called “Citizen Science”, with refers to the participation of the general non-scientific public, in the generation of new scientific knowledge. (Wouter Buytaert et al, Citizen Science in hydrology and water Resources, 10-2014). Although it is not a new term, is has acquired a special importante with the exponential development of social networks and the access to new technologies.

It is used to collect information, and at the same time, to assure better governance in scientific projects. Users contribute with data, therefore, the general public become active and transforms itself into a true contribution for the work of researchers.





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