Social license to operate

CSIRO works with an innovative model based on the Reflexivity tool to measure and explain the acceptance and trust that exists in the community about certain projects in various industries. The model shows that building trust is the key.

CSIRO’s long history provides the necessary support so that the relationship between the project and its social environment is based on reliable data and more solid and lasting relationships can be built.

Measurement of trust and acceptance with an optimistic base from the communities towards the evaluated projects; based on technology and applied science.

Cutting edge solutions

  • Aurora del Huasco Photovoltaic Project
    Solar Energy, 50 MW, Vallenar, SOWITEC Company
  • Composting Project
    Composting, Romeral, SURFRUT Company
  • Catrihuala Wind Farm Project
    Wind Power, 100 MW, Río Negro, SOWITEC Company
  • National Survey of Perceptions for Mining
    Publication that reveals levels of acceptance of the communities


Edmundo Claro, Program Research Director  |  +562 2797 6301