Mining / Geochemistry of Mineral Systems

November 21st, 2017

Workshop with practical work and presentations

“Geochemistry of the systems of ore from the collection of data for informed decision making: case studies of Australian mines of gold and copper deposits”.

15th of March, 2017

Led by researcher Dr. Michael Gazley, it is the second version of a workshop of this kind and we hope to make more in the future, aimed at the mining industry and the presentation of the development of cutting-edge technology. In collaboration with the Universidad del Desarrollo, the workshop was focused on familiarizing attendees with the most innovative technologies in geochemistry and the options available for application in rock mass. It also deepened in technology pXRF, through examples and case studies, which included implications on litosgratigraphy, alterations and geochemistry, geometallurgy.


Dr. Michael Gazley – Senior Research Scientist CSIRO

Dr. Gazley has wide experience in developing portable X-Ray fluorescence (pXRF) best practice and utilising pXRF to gain geological insights into mineral deposits. At CSIRO he develops his capabilities in work with pXRF, including coupling it with X-Ray diffraction (XRD), and multi-scale characterisation of mineral systems. Other current projects include examining the role and timing of metamorphic fluid production in the crust, examining controls on gold- and copper-mineralising processes at a variety of scales, and constraining metamorphic conditions in rocks from around the world. He is a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington.




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