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September 26th, 2017

Seminar High-impact foods: from applied science, towards an healthy, efficient and productive  agro-industry

Thursday 14 of September 2017

The growing agri-food industry in Chile requires that innovation becomes prominent in future decisions at all industry levels. Australia has developed broad and successful experiences based on applied science.

Given this scenario, this Seminar was a good opportunity to combine the Australian and Chilean experience on developing technologies and innovative products for the food sector, sponsored by the Chilean Office of the State of Victoria, Australia, Austrade, and CSIRO, and with the support of the Chilean Government organisations INIA, FIA and Transforma Alimentos from CORFO.

“In the short term, CSIRO Chile can help make a real transfusion of innovation to the Chilean system, seeking to increase the productivity of the country and the sector through the development of functional foods, nutraceuticals, crop varieties that match to the local climate or through contextual intelligence for an early tackle of climate change,” explained the Executive Director of CSIRO Chile, Dr Orlando Jiménez in his initial presentation.

With the presence of the Ambassador of Australia, Mr. Robert Fergusson, the workshop was organized into three blocks primarily guided by the conversation and the presentations of the outstanding team of CSIRO researchers, led by Dr Martin Cole, and the participation and contribution of Natalia Gorroño, Director for Latin America of the Government of Victoria, Australia; Dr. María Teresa Pino of INIA, Dr. Rodrigo Gallardo of FIA, Dr. Francisco Rossier of Transforma Alimentos and researchers of the universities of Monash and Swinburne, Australia.



Dr. Martin Cole – Subdirector for Agi&Foods CSIRO
Food scientist for ocer 25 years, expert in food safety, trends and innovation, new products and nutrition. He has been awarded a number of times, he is member of the International Food Science and Technology Academy (laFoST).

Dr. Philip Larkin – Group leader in CSIRO Agriculture Leader of the cereal group, his work stands out in the areas of high-resistance barley and wheat directed towards intestinal health and diabete type2, and his famous gluten-free beer (below the leves of the OMS) based on barley. 

Dr. Pablo Juliano – Research Leader, Bioproducts Supply Chain Leader of the bioproducts team, specialist in the processing of emerging food and supply chain optimization. He also carries out projects that are focused in assuring production quality. 

Henry Sabarez – Research Leader CSIRO Through innovative technologies such as ultrasound and electromagnetic waves, his strategic and commercial research seeks to optimize food processes and is focused in minimizing the use of energy, the performance and quality.

Sandra Olivieri – Microbiologist researcher 

Food microbiologist, expert in food safety and security. She carries out projects that improve the nutritional value, convenience and quality attributes in processed foods through the use of high pressure and ultrasound.

Natalia Gorroño – Senior Trade and Investment Director Latin America, Government of Victoria Australia 

Dra. María Teresa Pino, National Food Program Coordinator – INIA

Dr. Rodrigo Gallardo – Chief of FIA Programs and Projects

Dr. Francisco Rossier – Innovation Director, National Strategic Food Program

Nicolas Georges, Director Food and Agriculture Innovation, Monash University

Dr. Alexis Esposto, Swinburne University



Presentations to download

Advanced drying technologies for efficient manufacture of dried products/ingredients
Henry Sabarez
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Innovation, market success and future opportunities with high pressure processing
Sandra Olivier
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Breeding novel cereals for health benefits: Gluten free barley and other opportunities
Dr. Philip Larkin
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Food loss minimisation – Technologies for conversion into high value products and for product recovery
Pablo Juliano
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Challenges and opportunities in
the Food sector
Dr. Alexis Esposto
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News strategies for the development of mildew-resistant grape varieties
Dr. Ian Dry
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Introduction to CSIRO Ag&Food
Dr. Martin Cole
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