Data61 / The role of Science and Technology in the Management of Fires and other extreme events

November 21st, 2017

The role of Science and Technology in the Management of Fires and other extreme events: the experience in Chile and Australia Seminar

23rd of March 2017, Aula Magna of Universidad Católica

Organized by CSIRO Chile in collaboration with the Catholic University of Chile, this Seminar was presented by Dr. Orlando Jiménez, and had the outstanding presence as a speaker of Mr. Juan Carlos De La Llera, Dean of the Engineering Faculty of the Catholic University, who is leader of one the most importante centres that delivers studies regarding the management of earthquakes.

Other outstanding researchers were present as speakers as well; Dr. Simon Dunstall and Dr. Andrew Sullivan, who spoke about how Australia has had to confront extreme events and what tools have been useful for a more informed decision making, based on data modelling and which ones can be specifically used in Chile in extreme events, such as the forest fires that happened in our country in the summer of 2017.



Dr. Simon Dunstall – Reseach Director Data 61

He leads the Science Research Program for decision making in CSIRO’s Data61, division that has over 95 people under his charge. He is also one of the main researchers in charge of forest fires in Data61.

Dr. Andrew Sullivan – Leader CSIRO Bushfire Behaviour and Risks team

Andrew Sullivan leads the team of forest fires dynamics in CSIRO, and is one of the most prominent researchers in this area in Australia.


Juan Carlos de la Llera – Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the Catholic University

Civil Engineer, M.Sc and PhD from the Catholic University, specialized in modelling and dynamic structures, vibration reduction systems and seismic risks. He is currently the Dean of the Engineering Faculty of the Catholic University. He has received several awards, such as the John Munro awards of Engineering Structures Magazine, the Ramón Salas Edwards award, from the Engineering Institute of Chile. The Avonni Award 2010, granted by the Innovation Forum, to innovation regarding the areas of Architecture, Urbanism and Construction, for his design of the seismic protection of the Titanium Tower in Santiago, Chile. He was recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year (2011) Endeavor at a world level.


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